Pokdeng online can play for real money

Pokdeng online can play for real money

As you know the economy is very poor now. Even the merchants could not sell anything. Hence, it happens not to be unusual for people for trying to find a career more. In addition to working regularly or an existing main occupation and one of the professions that people are paying much attention to is online gambling that only takes a few minutes had a chance to get a little money back and the most popular gambling game in this period is pokedong online (pokdeng) because it does not take long. There is no need for many rules. In just a few seconds, you will know the outcome and win.

How does pokdeng play? The question that newbies wonder the most

Pokdeng is one of the best known Thai gambling games in Thailand. No matter how you ask anyone how the game is played is assured that there must be at least 8 out of 10 people to answer. Of course, how to play bounce is that the dealer will deal cards to the players (1 player can ask how many piles depending on the set) until the circle is completed, 2 cards each, with the dealer being the last person when both cards are completed, players will have to look at their cards to see how much they are. To add the points adding together, in the event that the score use to be 8 or 9, it is termed pok. Will be measured to be eaten on immediate basis the dealer will pay immediately as well.

Players of ป๊อก เด้ง ออนไลน์ who do not score 8 or 9 will have a chance to request a third card to add points to themselves. Most of the people who have to ask for the third card will have a score of 0-5, while those who have points 6 or 7 will always ask to stop there and come to the dealer instead. As

If the points are the same, such as 2-2 3-3 4-4 or the same suit, both cards, such as clubs – clubs. Will be called bounce equal to the dealer will have to pay twice (so it is not strange if you see a person holding a 4 bounce or a 5 bounce 2 cards and refuse to ask for a third)

In the event that 3 leaves are opened and all 3 of the same flowers or 3 guava are equal to 3 bounces or equal to the dealer has to pay 3 times

If issued 3 tong cards, it will pay at 5 times or depending on the agreement.

If the player asks for a third card, the dealer who holds only 2 has a chance to open up a card to measure the winning result immediately. And the dealer has the right to call a third card to fight someone who holds 2 cards as well.